Our company specializes in manufacturing historical footwear from various periods and other accessories that comprised military equipment. Being active reenactors ourselves, we are well aware how important good quality gear is. Not once we had a chance to assess the quality of products available on the market and in many cases experienced disappointment. To meet our own quality standards, we began to make our own equipment. Excellent quality of our products was soon recognized and production of quality equipment became our full time occupation. All our products are made with passion and extreme care for details which are so important to all reenactors. We are trying our best to ensure that all our products wear comfortably and serve long. In our work we do not take the easy way because the final quality of the product is built by many processes and factors that must not be ignored.

We hope you will find our offer interesting enough to visit us again soon. We are also open to your suggestions as a way to improve the quality of our services.